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The Advantages of Using Artificial Plants and Trees in the Office

Greenery in the office has a number of benefits. Living plants reduce the stress of your employees, and greenery in the office is associated with higher productivity. Plants form unobtrusive noise dampeners. However, there are several advantages to using artificial trees and other fake plants in the office instead of their living counterparts. Allergies and Respiratory Problems Any plant you may use in your office poses a potential allergic hazard to someone. When you water the plants, you also create the risk that water will collect in the pot and nourish mold and fungus that could trigger someone’s allergies. Legionella grows in water systems, and it spreads when the bacteria is distributed along with water sprays. While Legionnaire’s disease is... Read More

Artificial Silk Tree Co - Live At Last!

After months of hard work and dedication from our team to present our customers the most comprehensive range of artificial trees and plants online at fantastic rates; we are delighted to have finally launched our website!  So please browse through our collections to find the right artificial garden decor for you :) Keep checking back to our blog feed as we will be using this to fill you with inspiration of ways that artificial gardening can help improve your home, office or garden.  Read More